Lunging to Improved Performance DVD

How can a entire workshop be dedicated to only one exercise? The truth is, the lunge is more than just another lowerbody exercise. It is a vital component to human movement and performance. Sadly, it is a movement that is lost by the sedentary population rather quickly. Activities such as running, hiking, dancing, ice skating, and sport require the ankle, knees, and hips to work in unison to optimize this primal pattern. The lunge is also considered one of the best lowerbody exercises to strengthen the knees and glutes. Yet, many people fail to reap its benefits due to pain caused by poor coaching and poor progression. Until now...this workshop video packs a complete and thorough lecture on the proper execution of the lunge and how it can improve overall functionality and athletic performance.

What will you learn in this video?

Joint by Joint Approach to Exercise Observation

Why "Fidgeting" is a Good Thing

The Knees Over the Toes Myth Explained

Lunge Prerequisites

Properly Progressing Using the Kneel to Stand Drill

Who is this video product designed for?

This workshop video is designed for anyone that wants to incorporate the lunge into their exercise program to target total body movements. Exercisers that struggle with the lunge due to knee pain or lower back discomfort will benefit from watching this video due to its complete overhaul of the exercise. Learning how to perform this exercise is vital for exercise continuity and sport enhancement. For personal trainers, this video is perfect for learning how "triple extension" movements will aid your client's function and how to observe human movement from a joint by joint perspective.

What will Lunging to Improved Performance do for me?

The video is clocked in over 90 minutes long and covers everything from knee pain, lower back discomfort, hip mobility, and proper warm-ups. It is the single best resource to learn how to begin using the lunge to your advantage. Many exercisers avoid the lunge because they feel they are not performing it correctly. Now, you can have a fitness professional explain how to coach it, execute it, and observe it--right out the gate! No exercise program is complete without the use of everyday human movements (closed chain) exercises. You will learn how to include other exercises with the lunge to engage your upperbody and make it a total body time efficient exercise. Perfect for bootcamps, group training, or short workouts!